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Dulux is the UK’s leading paint brand, with a wealth of products and services designed to help you find the colours that you’ll love in your home, and give you the expert knowledge you’ll need to achieve great results. Dulux aims to help you feel inspired about colour and to unlock the potential in your home. With over 1200 colours available to choose from, you're sure to find one that's perfect for you to start your transformation and get great results.

Crown is a paint brand that boasts over 200 years of experience, meaning you can be sure that every can is injected with the finest quality. The Breatheasy® range is an industry leading concept which contains a Crown paint that meets the demands of every room in your house, making your coat resistant to the stains and scratches of everyday life without sacrificing the quality finish that made the brand famous. Choose from the wide variety of fashionable interior paints to add the final touch to your dream home, and the extensive range of hardwearing exterior paints that have proven to withstand the test of time.
Sandtex is the UK’s leading masonry paints brand, used to protect buildings for over 60 years. Developed by experts, Sandtex exterior masonry paint is designed to give your home protection from the elements. We are focused on durability and performance providing a full product offer from preparation to completion as well as an extensive range of masonry paint colours to suit every style of property.

Whether it’s a picture you’ve seen in a magazine, a colour scheme you’ve fallen in love with from Pinterest, or the colour of a lampshade, we can match 2.2 million colours. Bring us a sample and we’ll instantly generate a unique colour formula that’s 99 –100% accurate and can be mixed into any interior or exterior paint. So whether you’re decorating your walls and ceilings, wood and metal trim, or your kitchen and bathroom, with our unlimited range of colours you can create a truly personalised palette for every room in your home.

What Paint Finish Is Right For Your Room?

Now, this part can be as difficult as choosing your colour, if not trickier. There are lots of paint finishes to choose from for all the different spaces within your house. To help, we’ve compiled a few lists of the best one’s for each room, we hope this helps.

Living Room/ Bedroom

Vinyl Matt
Soft Sheen
Vinyl Silk
Hardwearing Matt(if you have kids/pets/need to clean frequently)

Kitchen/ Kid’s Bedroom/ Hallway

Hardwearing Matt
Acrylic Eggshell


Hardwearing Matt
Acrylic Eggshell
Perma-White(this can also be colour matched)

How Much Paint Do You Need?

It's always hard guessing how much paint you will need! The image below will hopefully help you to buy the right amount of paint without having tins left over or not having enough to complete the job.

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