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Whatever your preference, we supply a range of different blinds and curtains to match all types of home designs. Whether you want decorative curtains with blinds to shut out the light, or you want black-out curtains, we have it all.

Stylish curtains and blinds

If you've just painted your home, let us help you pick out the right style of curtains to match the room. Whether you want them solely for decorative purposes or you want black-out curtains for total darkness at night to help you sleep better, we have an extensive selection of all colours, styles and designs of different thicknesses.

Let us coordinate your curtains

•  Bedrooms

•  Bathrooms

•  Kitchens

If you prefer blinds for any room of your home to curtains, or you want us to help match a style to your current set up, we'll guide you through our selection of blinds to find something you like.

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Whatever sized curtains or blinds you're looking for and whatever materials you require, we have the stock for you. From wooden blinds to velvet curtains, our shop in Larne has it all and we'll offer advice for all style matching with our 20 years of experience in home decorating.

Why choose us for your curtains and blinds?

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•  Living rooms

•  Conservatories

•  Cloak rooms and more

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